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Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club Inc® is one of the fastest growing pet registration services today.  We register both pure bred and hybrid dogs, CPR is your one stop source for pet registration. CPR is committed to excellence and offers the fastest and most professional pet registrations available today. Established in 2001 with breeders in mind, CPR was developed to make registering sires/dams and litters simple and painless. Our employees are current or former breeders and are highly educated on breeds, registration and breeder issues.


Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club Inc® supports responsible dog breeding. CPR Kennel Club Inc does not condone puppy mills, or any form of animal abuse in any way. We reserve the right to refuse registration to any person or to revoke or suspend the members privileges of any member who is convicted of a crime of cruelty to animals. If you choose to breed, both parents must be registered with CPR to be able to register the offspring. If you own dogs that are registered with other registries,  not a problem, we will register any dog that has parentage recorded with another reputable registry.


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