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Who is Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club?

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Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club Inc® is one of the fastest growing pet registration services today.  Registering both pure bred and hybrid dogs in a single, global database, CPR is your one stop source for pet registration.  CPR is committed to excellence and offers the fastest and most professional pet registrations available today.  With breeders in mind, CPR was developed to make registering both new litters and new breeds simple and painless.  Now breeders can register and print registration applications in seconds through our convenient website. Just register your kennel and once approved you will be able to add your sires and dams to your account and instantly print out pre printed litter registration papers. We also offer pedigrees for your litters. Best of all........... our services are free to you.

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Not a breeder? CPR Kennel Club offers important services for dog owners as well, including never before seen online registration tools.  Our instant, online registration service allows the owner to register and print their certificates in minutes instead of waiting weeks.


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