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How can we offer free services?

Unlike other registries, Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club Inc. an internet focused registry, therefore the majority of our breeders are self sufficient,  registering  thier kennel and litters themselves online. Printing out their own certificates and registrations, keeping our services free to all breeders.

CPR Kennel Club offers breeder friendly customer service over the phone, M-F 8to5 and 24 hour email response, and we will always have mail in services for our members who don't have internet or printer access.

The buyers that purchase your puppies can also register the new member of their family instantly online or by mail, with our unique CPR Pin number system.

CPR Kennel Club strives to be the most breeder friendly registry available today, Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club was started by breeders for breeders, sign up today and start enjoying the benefits of being a member of the fastest growing registry on the net.


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