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Why Register Your Dog

Who is Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club Inc. and why should you CPR  register your Dogs?

Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club is one of the fastest growing pet registration services today. We are your one stop source for your new pet.

Did you know? Most animal shelters require proof of ownership to claim your pet. Registering your dog is an important step in buying a puppy. Not only does registering your pet provide you assurance of accurate genealogy, it is also a record of documentation which is equivalent to a birth certificate of a child or a title to a new car. By registering your dog with Certified Pet Registration, your pet is recorded in our database and each dog is issued its own identifiying  pin number for tracking. In case your pet is ever lost or stolen, your registration will record proof of ownership. When you register with Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club you will always have online access to view your dog's information and re-print your certificates in case your original is ever lost.

We offer fast friendly customer service for all your registration needs. For more information on How To Register.

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