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New Pet Owners

Thank you for choosing Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club. If you recently purchased a puppy and you have a valid CPR Kennel Club preprinted application  then you are only a few clicks away from registering your dog online and instantly printing out your Registration Certificate.  

 If your registration application does not have a cpr pin number, you cannot register online, but you can register over the phone, call our office at 318-381-7963 or 318-410-1454 and register and instantly print out your certificate. You can also mail in your registration form and we will mail your certificate back to you, include photos for photo certificates and pedigree. Mail in registrations take 2 to 3 weeks for processing. Mail to:

CPR Kennel Club Inc.

1375 Belle Cote Road

Columbia, LA 71418


All transactions through this site are done through Authorize.Net  payment gateway. A safe and secure transaction processing service. 

Your puppy registration form will have the official CPR Kennel Club pin number located in the bottom right hand corner of your form. You will need a unique name for your new puppy, the name cannot exceed 30 characters and can include your last name with the puppy name.     You can also upload a picture of your puppy and have it print out on your certificate!  

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