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How To Register


Thank you for choosing CPR Kennel Club

You can register your puppy/dog with us if you have a puppy application or certificate of registration. We accept applications with our CPR Id number and we also accept registration applications from other recognized kennel clubs.

How to register: simply click on the blue register puppy button, there you will enter the name and address of the person the dog will be registered to, click submit to go to the pet registration page.


If you have a CPR Kennel Club puppy application with an official CPR ID number, click on the first choice on that page, your CPR ID number is located at the bottom right hand of your certificate. Follow the easy steps to register your dog and instantly print out your certificates.


If your dog is registered or can be registered with another kennel club, then click on the second choice on that page. There you will fill out the form with all information on your dog provided to you on your application or certificate. Follow the steps to register your dog and instantly print out your pets certificate. You will have access to all your registration 24 hours a day through our site.


If you are breeding or plan to breed or already have puppies on the way, make sure and click the (I plan to become a breeder box) when making your payment. Both parents must be registered with CPR Kennel Club to register a litter.

If you select the breeder box we will create you an online breeder account and you will be able to register a new litter online. You will receive an email with your breeder account log on and passwords. Litter registrations and any other future puppy/dog registrations will be free to you, and you can instantly print litter applications and certificates at any time.  


If you have a CPR Kennel Club registration application that does not have a CPR Kennel Club pin number, you will need to  register your dog by mail or by phone. By phone please call our office at 318-381-7963 Mon-Fri 8 to 5 cst, if you register your dog by phone with a credit card you can still print your certificate instantly online. Mail in registrations take 2 to 3 weeks for processing. If mailing in please include photos for photo certificates and pedigrees.

Have a dog with no registration history? Your dog may qualify for our foundation stock program or our proof of ownership program.


 CPR Kennel Club

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