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Proof Of Ownership Program


 Welcome all pet owners. Certified Pet Registration Kennel Club Inc. now offers a Proof Of Ownership program for all dogs and their legal owners. What constitutes a legal dog owner? This is not always clear, but one of the first steps in assuring you maintain your legal status as your pets legal owner is registering your pet in your name. This can be used in a court of law along with other documentation (vet records, shot records, documents of care, etc) proving you as rightful owner. This program is offered to all pet owners, no matter the breed, we accept all mixed breeds, no registration history required. This program is for ownership documentation purposes only and can not be used to register offspring of your pet. In order to register in our program, you will need to print out the registration form below. Fill it out completely, sign, and mail back to us with a quality photo of you and your pet together with the 20.00 registration fee. We will process your form, record your information in our database, issue you a registration number and return a photo certificate with you and your pet's information. This information will always be available to you online through our website 24 hours a day, in case you ever need proof of ownership you will always have access to your records.



Proof of Ownership application - Page 1(pdf file)

Proof of Ownership application - Page 2(pdf file)




If you can not print the proof of ownership form, please call us and we will mail the form to you. 318-381-7963
8 to 5 Mon-Fri







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