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Affen - Poo Breed Standards

Affen - Poo Image

SKILLS:  Vermin destroyer, watchdog, and family pet

SIZE: The shoulder-height is 25 – 30 cm (9 ¾ - 11 ¾ in).

COAT: The Affenpoo has coarse hair . The coat is usually plain black, but russet brown and grey markings are accepted.

CARE REQUIRED: It may be necessary to pluck the Affenpoo’s coat. This is usually done by a dog trimming specialist but it is possible to learn how to do it yourself. The hair should never be clipped because this ruins the coat for many years. Hairs sometimes grow in the corners of the eyes, causing irritation; these should be dealt with promptly

CHARACTER: Lively, cheerful, friendly, alert, dependent, and sharp-witted

TRAINING: Affenpoos learn commands fairly quickly. Ensure consistency in the training but make sure there is ample variety in the drills so your dog will not become bored

SOCIAL BEHAVIOR: Affenpoos get on well with children, and can also be fine with their own sort, and other household pets. If you have visitors who are not known to your dog, the Affenpoo may refuse to let them in without a great deal of reassurance

EXERCISE: This breed is happy if you take it for a quick trot around the corner three times a day. If you also play with it regularly, then its happiness is complete.

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