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Dakota Sport Retriever Breed Standards

Dakota Sport Retriever Image

Dakota Sport Retriever

50% Golden Retriever, with the other 50% being both,
American and English Cocker Spaniel.

A Dakota Sport Retriever has a unique look and temperament all
its' own.

They are bred using 50% Golden Retriever, with the other 50%
being American and English Cocker Spaniel in them. Ideally 25%
of each breed. However, they may have as much as 37.5% of  either
English or American Cocker Spaniel in them, with as little
as 12.5% of the other.

Dogs that are 50% Golden Retriever, and 50% either American Cocker
Spaniel, or 50% English Cocker Spaniel, may be registered as
breeding stock only.

The Dakota Sport Retriever stands from 14 to 19 inches tall,
with 15 to 17 inches being average. Males are typically a bit
larger then females. They weigh from 20 to 60 pounds, with 30 to
45 pounds being average.

Dakota Sport Retrievers come in all colors and patterns.
Many being the typical Golden Retriever colors of cream,
gold, and red, but black, chocolate, tan marked,
parti patterns, roans, and merles are also present. Eye color
may be the typical brown, but also may be a lighter brown,
amber, green, blue, or what is known as a merle eye, that is
partial colored. 

They have unique "slipper" feet, with hair between their toes.
They have from a straight, smooth coat, to a wavy coat. They are
considered a long haired breed, but shed less then purebred
Golden Retrievers. 

Dakota Sport Retrievers love water, love to fetch, and are very
fun dogs outdoors, while being calm indoors. They are very gentle,
loving family dogs. They can be trained to hunt upland birds and/or
water fowl. They love toys, and often carry toys around.
If a toy is not available, they may carry anything that they can

Dogs with over or under bites, umbilical hernias, hip or eye
problems, or other health issues should not be bred. The Dakota
Sport Retriever has an excellent, people oriented, outgoing
temperament, and no shy, aggressive, or hyper dogs should
be bred. 

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