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Miniature Labrador Breed Standards

Miniature Labrador Image

A Miniature Lab should strongly resemble the larger version of the breed.

They can be various percentages of Labrador Retriever and have minimal amounts of sport retriever, beagle and pug with the
intent to keep the proper coat, ear length, and body length in tact but always keeping the right "type" as top priority.

The size must not exceed 54lbs and 21.25 " at the shoulder.
Which is just under the breed standard for pure bred Labrador
retriever females. Males should not exceed 64 lbs and 21.25" at the
shoulder. The preferred size is between 20-40 lbs and 14-18" tall.

The miniature version of the lab should have all of the positive traits of the standard labrador retriever such as gentle disposition, playful, family friendly, fun, outgoing, loyal, willing to please, easily trainable. Careful selection of good tempered, healthy lines should be chosen to eliminate any negative health issues. Also dogs with the
preferred lab traits should be used to keep this an eager and playful mix that not only "looks" like a lab but is in essence a lab in every sense of the word except for its size.

Contributed by C and S Ranch

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